What people are saying...

“The recent experience and interaction with Kern Beare and his workshop was instructive, inspiring and timely! Through a collaborative effort by the Redding Chamber of Commerce, The McConnell Foundation and the Euphrates Institute, we were able to bring together a rich and diverse group of Shasta County public officials, influencers, and emerging leaders. The program was rich and stirring. We want to do this again, and soon!”
— Mike Dahl, Mayor Emeritus, City of Redding, California
“We came as a diverse group of leaders in government, business, nonprofit, and religious sectors. Even with our diversity, the workshop managed to speak directly to each individual and created a common language we can use when working together. This event was timely, deeply meaningful, immediately applicable, and we’re already hearing requests for more conversations. We all need this.”
— Jesica Rhone, Director of International Programs, The McConnell Foundation.
“This workshop is what the whole country needs right now. It was amazing to see city leaders and the citizens they serve come together from all sides of the political spectrum — and across religious and socio-economic backgrounds — to learn how to work together for the good of our community. It was the kind of healing event you wish could happen everywhere. Kern is a steady, compassionate guide and an expert facilitator. We’re already planning to have him come back, due to critical acclaim in the community.”
— Janessa Gans Wilder, Founder and CEO, Euphrates Institute
“Thank you for the opportunity to attend such a valuable and insightful session. The presentation of material was first order and the opportunity to interact with my tablemates was of paramount importance.”

— David Kehoe, Chairman, Shasta County Board of Supervisors
“Thanks for pulling together this incredible event! I really resonated with the vision and substance of Kern’s content and believe it is critical for our country and the world to internalize at this point in time.”
— Matt Plummer, CEO, Zarvana
“The Pop the Bubble workshop tackles one of the most important challenges we face as humanity: how to truly understand each other, and in doing so find ways to work together towards the world that we all want—and need—to create. By examining the narratives through which we see the world and each other, Pop the Bubble helps us find the courage to show up in those ‘rare ways’ that are an optimistic glimpse of humanity and the world to come.”
— Eric Glustrom, CEO and Founder, Watson University.
“Amazing, moving and impactful session. Offered lots of food for thought and points to reference in day-to-day conversations.
Thrilled you are taking it on the road.”
— Workshop participant.
“Wow, what a presence! Thank you for the transformative workshop and the special energy you brought to the weekend.”
— Workshop participant.
“I find myself still thinking about and processing the information we received last Sunday. It was an excellent workshop and we are so fortunate that you brought this to us!”
— Workshop participant.